Thoughts about Unity

Thoughts on Unity – Guest Post by Liam Parker

Below I have listed 10 thoughts I have about unity. I have a big passion to see unity in the local church and with local churches! It is absolutely vital to building the church. In the same way a mother and father stand united as one voice in order to create a strong household we must stand with one mind and one spirit (Phil 2:1) so that we can build a strong church. I wrote the points without much explanation, I did this in order to create discussion. Unity is a subject that will always need addressing as it is so easy to let dividing mindsets creep into church life. So read, enjoy and discuss.

Thoughts about Unity.

1) Any community not unified is already ruined.
2) If you are not unified then sort it out before you do anything else.
3) Competition and comparison are enemies of unity
4) If you are not for unity you are automatically against it
5) Unity doesn’t mean a state of no conflict or disagreements. We must learn how to deal with conflict and disagreements properly.
6) We are always more powerful together.
7) We have different roles (leaders, organisers, ideas people, action people) but everyone is equal. One body, many parts.
8) Complete honesty is key when maintaining and creating unity.
9) Unity is everyone’s responsibility
10) Small unity equals big unity. We must sort out disagreements with individuals because disunity can escalate.

Liam Parker, youth pastor for Kerith Community Church, is passionate about reaching every young person in Bracknell and growing them in the love of Jesus.