Bible Reading: 2 Corinthians 5:7; Mark 11:20-26

Last week, we considered faith that sees the invisible and I mentioned Mark 11:22-24. I have been meditating on these verses and this morning received a most remarkable testimony from a source that I can thoroughly endorse. It speaks of such simple and yet profound faith.

The north Indian state of Himachal Pradesh has mountains up to 6,800 metres [22,300 feet] above sea level. There are many hidden tribes and ethnic groups there who remain unreached with the Gospel.

A Christian pastor shared an amazing story, which reveals how keen God is to reveal His Son to the precious unreached tribes of this remote region. Last year a teenage girl – we will call Sarita – heard the Gospel and believed. She was the first known Christian in her village, and the Hindu leaders were angry and tried to get her to renounce Christ. Sarita refused, and continued to grow in the grace and knowledge of the Lord.

One day, Sarita went to the forest to cut grass for the animals. After working several hours she sat down for a rest, when a crow suddenly swooped down, snatched up her cell phone in its claws and flew off! The young sister was deeply upset, as she had not owned the phone for long and she used it to communicate with Christian friends and receive online Bible teaching.

When she returned home, Sarita shared what had happened and the Hindu villagers mocked her. Undeterred, the young Christian told them that Jesus is the Living God who controls nature. She told them she was going to pray and ask Him to do a miracle, and this made them laugh even more!

Three days later, when many of the villagers were outside working in the hot sun, they saw an eagle slowly circling overhead, with an object in its claws.

Thinking it was probably a mouse or other small animal, they watched in amazement as the eagle glided in low to the ground (something they never do). As it flew over the village it gently dropped the object right next to where

Sarita was sitting, before flying off. The people rushed over and were astonished to see that the eagle had returned Sarita’s cell phone, still in perfect working condition!

This miracle had a powerful impact on the whole community. They no longer opposed Sarita’s faith, and they agreed that Jesus is the Living God. Many asked to hear about God, and the Gospel spread to many Hindus who had never previously heard the Name of Jesus Christ before in their lives. Many were saved and today there is a church in this remote village! []


What does this simple testimony tell you about faith?

How can we in our “intellectual” Western society begin to experience such remarkable answers to prayer? What are our hindrances to faith?