Bible Reading: John 8:31-36

One of the great truths that Jesus taught was that in knowing the truth we shall be set free. The word know is not merely knowledge but action based upon that knowledge! It is possible to know the truth and do nothing about it.

The Jewish people thought that they were in right standing with God because Abraham was their ancestor, but Jesus said they were slaves and not sons of God. The devil had deceived them with a lie. The more they believed the lie, the greater the stronghold of deception that gripped their minds.

Jesus made it clear that the devil is a liar [John 8:44]. He lied to Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. Firstly, he mocked the idea that God would place any restriction on them. “Did God really say…?”[Genesis 3:1] thus creating suspicion and mistrust. Secondly, He lied, and said, “You won’t die!” This directly opposed what God had said, making them think that God’s Word cannot be trusted. The result was that sin came into the world. It began by believing a lie!

The devil still puts lies into people’s minds. For example, he says, “You are worthless!” “Your sin is too great for God to forgive you!” “You will never make anything in life!” “If you live a good, upright and morally sound life then God will accept you!” These are just a few of the many lies that the devil uses to keep people in bondage, so that they cannot enjoy the freedom that Jesus came to bring. In this way he makes them his slaves. When Jesus spoke about freedom from slavery, He was not referring to freedom from human slavery; He meant totally wrong thinking and spiritual bondage to sin [v.34].

Satan has no power over you except what you give him when you believe his lies. This is Satan’s primary weapon, and our defence against him is the truth! God’s Word is the truth. Satan’s battleground is your mind, the control centre of your personality, and if what he says has a greater place in your mind than God’s Word, then you are already defeated and enslaved!

It is in knowing God’s Word and speaking it out that sets you free. Jesus responded to every temptation of the devil in the wilderness by speaking God’s Word. Three times He said, “It is written.” Freedom from spiritual bondage is not the result of a power encounter with demonic forces; it is a truth encounter. Show me a victorious Christian and I will show you someone who knows the truth of God’s Word and boldly speaks it out!


What are the lies that Satan uses to try to deceive you? How do you get victory over him?

What are some of the Scriptures that you might use against Satan when he sows confusion and doubt in your mind about whether you are saved?

Why does God say, “Let the Word of Christ dwell in you richly” [Colossians 3:16], and that we need to have a renewed mind? What does this mean?