Bible Reading: Joshua 10:1-15

This remarkable gift of the working of miracles is the God-given ability to demonstrate the supernatural power of the Holy Spirit at work. Heavy rain fell on the first night of meetings with Reinhard Bonnke in Singapore’s National Stadium in 1986. Suzette Hattingh, a prayer warrior, stood up publically and commanded the rain to stop. It stopped immediately inside the stadium but outside the heavy rain continued to fall. People coming into the stadium out of the rain and into the sunshine were astounded at this miracle. The working of miracles always works together with faith and the result is that God is glorified. When His disciples were afraid, Jesus rebuked the winds and the sea and there was a great calm. The disciples marvelled, saying, “What sort of man is this that even the winds and the sea obey Him?” [Matthew 8:23-27]

It is worth noting that both these miracles, in Singapore and at the Sea of Galilee, contained two key elements, faith and a spoken word! The Bible says that death and life are in the power of the tongue [Proverbs 18:21]. We see both faith and the spoken word in our Bible reading today, and the result was an amazing miracle. God had promised victory to Joshua as he fought against the five Amorite kings [verse 8]. The Lord was with Joshua and the enemies were routed and put to flight [verses 10-11]. The battle was long and fierce and Joshua was concerned that the sun would set before the enemy was annihilated. In the presence of the Israelites Joshua spoke a word of faith that touched God’s heart. He commanded the sun and the moon to stand still, and they stood still for a whole day [verses 12-13]. The sun and the moon standing still not only allowed Israel’s success in battle, but also demonstrated the ineffectiveness of the false gods of the Amorites – they were worshippers of the sun and moon.

There is some secular evidence for this remarkable miracle. It is reported by historians that records of the Chinese during the reign of Emperor Yeo, who lived at the same time as Joshua, report “a long day.” Heroditus, a Greek historian, wrote an account of “a long day” that appears in records of Egyptian priests. Additionally, the historical lore of the Aztecs, Peruvians, and Babylonians speak of a “day of twice natural length.”

Making this word personal:

God promised Joshua victory and Joshua spoke to the sun and moon and they stood still! Can you imagine what this must have been like? Now let’s transfer that imagination to your situation and the people around you. What is the victory that God has promised to you and for which you or they need a miracle? Would you speak to that situation today and keep speaking to it until what God has promised is fully fulfilled? Speak to the mountain today and expect a miracle!

A Question:

Read Psalm 106:8-13. What should be the response of your heart when God performs a miracle for you or those for whom you are praying?