Bible Reading: Deuteronomy 18:9-14; Isaiah 8:19-20; 1 Chronicles 10:13-14;

The issue of the spirit world is not just limited to animistic or tribal people but is as real in the western world as much as anywhere else.

A young couple were attending a Christian conference in Scotland. They were childless and had been married for twelve years. The wife had suicidal tendencies, and was being treated by a psychiatrist. In the afternoon the couple had gone down to the River Clyde, and the lady had tried to throw herself from a bridge into the river. The husband had battled to pull her to safety. That evening he came to me and asked if Esther and I could pray for his wife, and we agreed to meet with them in their room after supper.

As we began to pray the Holy Spirit showed me that she had visited a spiritist medium, and through that an unclean spirit had been given access into her life. When I asked her about this she admitted that she had once been to a spiritist medium on the night before her wedding. She had wanted to make sure that she was marrying the right man. We told her that if she would confess this sin, and renounce spiritism that Jesus would set her free and give her and her husband children. She did confess her sin and renounce spiritism, and when she did this we cut her off from evil in the Name of Jesus and by the power of His blood. The evil spirit left her that night. The following morning the lady’s husband ran to us, and said that after we left their room on the previous evening his wife was filled with the Holy Spirit. On her next visit to the psychiatrist she was told that she did not need to see him again. She was completely healed and the couple went on to have three lovely children.

Any involvement in any form of the occult can open the door to evil spirits and trouble a person’s life. Certain films and books, often popular, can be powerful occultic tools. The occult includes all forms of seeking guidance outside of God’s prescribed ways, and includes fortune telling, horoscopes, certain rituals, tarot cards, mediums, and spirit guides. “Fortune-telling pronounces Satan’s destiny upon a person. The person hearing this and accepting it opens themselves up to deception and demonic activity” [Derek Prince].

A Christian evangelist asked me to pray for him, that he would have a greater anointing of the Holy Spirit in his life. As I began to pray the spirit within him tried to attack me. The man took a similar pose to that of someone involved in martial arts. The spirit in the man tried to hit me but was unable to do so and as I commanded the spirit to come out of him the man slumped to the ground and Jesus set him free. Much of martial arts’ folklore and traditions are rooted in the occult.


What do our Bible readings today say about the occult? What is God’s attitude to these things and what are the effects that they have on people?

Read Acts 10:38 and Luke 4:18-19. Jesus came to set the prisoner free. What are the things that imprison a person and how can they be set us free?

In the light of these things why is the discerning of spirits so important?