For Christmas week 2015, I want to pause my blog on the Supernatural and post about the birth of Jesus Christ. These posts are taken from my book called “Promise”

Bible Reading:  Luke 1:46-55

Filled with the Holy Elizabeth spoke prophetically to Mary. The word to Mary was, “Blessed is she who has believed that the Lord would fulfill His promises to her” [Luke 1:45].

PromisecoverMary’s response to this prophetic word was to burst forth in a song of praise to God. Genuine prophecy given under the anointing of the Holy Spirit will always strengthen, encourage and comfort [1 Corinthians 14:3]. Very often it will be a word confirming what God has already been saying or doing. True prophecy, beginning with God, should always bring a response of praise given back to God.

Mary’s song is very similar to the song of Hannah [1 Samuel 2:10]. Her whole being is full of praise – both her soul and her spirit! As in Hannah’s song, Mary sings of God’s favour in recognizing her own lowly state. Why would God choose her! Like all men she is herself in need of a Saviour [Luke 1:47]. God most often uses people who are not great in the world’s eyes to work His purposes on the earth.

There are two aspects of God’s character that Mary most praises in this song. She praises God’s mercy in exalting the humble but scattering those who are proud or depend upon their own position. Her song also praises God’s justice. He is the champion of the poor, the despised and the oppressed. He cares for the hungry, raises the humble and remembers to keep His promises.


If you have received a prophetic word that you knew was authentic what was its impact upon you and how did you respond to it?

God is just and cares for the poor, hungry and oppressed. How should we as God’s children act towards these people practically? What are you doing about this personally?

Do you think that Mary was proud when she said that all generations would call her blessed? If not, then why not?