New Creation Realities

New Creation Realities – Guest Post by Sola Osinoiki

Life in Christ is new; it is different. Paul in his letter to the church in Corinth in the book of 2 Corinthians 5:17  says: Therefore if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come: The old has gone, the new is here!

I wonder what New Creation Realities we should look forward to experiencing! The beginning is always a good place to start; God wanted to restore the relationship that he had with man before the fall in the Garden of Eden. To achieve this, God sent his only son Jesus Christ, through whom the concept of New Creation is born. The truth is that Man needs God, God without man is still God but Man without God is nothing. Every man has a God shaped hole that only Jesus can fill and he has paid the price for man’s return to God. On the cross of Calvary, he made the ultimate sacrifice by suffering and dying that we may have life John 10:10.

Jesus has done this amazing thing for all mankind the question however is are we living up to the standards of God for our lives? Jesus Christ has redeemed us, forgiven us, he has chosen us and His desire is that on earth we live as examples of Him. Through his death a new generation of sons and daughters will arise that would worship God in Spirit and in truth (Philippians 3:3). From the very moment that Jesus rose from the dead he made provision for all those who believe in Him to be seated in heavenly places with him, above all earthly things. All we have to do is open up our hearts to Him and allow Him to live in us, through us and with us. Jesus wants to abide in us it’s up to us to make room for him in our hearts.

As a new creation in Christ:

  1. We have a right standing with God, not because we have earned it or that we deserve it, but it is a gift from God to us all. One of the greatest realities that we have as a new creatures in Christ, is the presence of the living God. Jesus is and ought to be the Lord of our lives; we have to receive Him as both our Lord and our Saviour. We in turn should live, our lives enslaved to righteousness.
  2. We are to live according to the word of God. This becomes the new norm and standard of living for every new creation. As I look at this concept, my heart is stirred as to the depth of God’s love for us. Only love could make a way for us to become new creatures in Christ; what a beautiful exchange! On the basis of his sacrifice, it is time we allow God to really be the Lord and master of our lives – our greatest aim as new creations should be to live on earth as a complete image of Jesus Christ.
  3. We are given the ability to work in the vineyard of God. The new creation is given an opportunity to sow the seed of righteousness in this vineyard. Indeed we are truly made righteous by Christ and are now called to be agents of righteousness. Agents that bring people into a right standing with God. If you find a great deal in a supermarket you generally will tell people about it. Salvation is more than a great deal in a shop; it is a life changing event to be shared with the world.

I want to encourage you as a new creation to yield yourself totally and completely without reservation to God. Remember you are no longer sitting on the fence; you have crossed over to a new dimension of living. No longer a slave to fear.


  1. Do you feel that you have truly experienced some of the new creation realities in your life?
  2. What would life look like if you truly made Jesus the Lord and Master of your life daily?
  3. Are there things, habits or attitudes that stops you enjoying your new creation realities?

Sola Osinoiki is an Elder at Kerith Community Church, where Michael & Esther Ross-Watson worship. He is married to Kunbi and they have three children. In his day job he works as a HR management consultant in one of the 4 big four consulting firms.