Bible Reading: Genesis 22:1,7 and 11

In Genesis chapter 22 Abraham says, “Here I am” three times. The first time it is when God called him by name [verse 1]. The second time is when Isaac speaks to him and says, “My father” [verse 7], and the third time when the Angel of the Lord called to him from heaven [verse 11].

Abraham is now an old man but he is still able to hear and respond to the voice of God. Over the years he had such communion with God, that God’s voice was very familiar to him. He is able to hear God’s voice even in a moment of great emotion, as he is in obedience about to slay his precious Isaac.

It seems often to be the case that when a person gets older they become less sensitive to the voice of God, but not so with Abraham. I have often wondered why this should be. Perhaps as we get older and gain more experience we rely upon that more than dependence upon God. Maybe it is the sound of so many other voices that crowd out God’s voice. Our bodies become tired. We ache in places where we didn’t seem to have places in our younger days and we listen to the voice of our body rather than the voice of God. Could it even be that we now lack the spiritual discipline of our earlier years that is still needed to be alert to God’s voice? Whatever the hindrance to hearing God’s voice may be, we see in Abraham a man in excess of 120 years of age who is still sensitive and alert to God’s voice.

Not only is Abraham able to hear God’s voice, he is also sensitive to the voice of his son. Isaac is puzzled because there is fire and wood but no lamb for the burnt offering. Some father’s might brush off their son’s question with a “Don’t bother me now, boy,” but not Abraham. Research has shown how little time the average father spends with his children in meaningful relationship each day. How destructive might that little phrase, “I am too busy,” be? There is no such thing as a close relationship without quality time and a listening ear. Don’t put off a close relationship with your children until a more convenient time. It will never happen. If you are not willing to listen when your children ask you a question, then they may stop asking, or worse still try and get their answers from an unhealthy or negative source. How many children have been sacrificed on the altar of their parent’s busyness? Decide today, that like Abraham, you will give time to your children and listen to their questions.


What are the main reasons people find it hard to hear God’s voice?

Why is it important that any relationship requires time and a listening ear?

A Prayer:

Lord, help me to be constantly alert and sensitive to your voice. Help me also to be sensitive to my children’s questions and needs. In Jesus Name I ask this. Amen.