Bible Reading: Isaiah 26:1-9

We saw yesterday that before a person can really be a peacemaker they must themselves be at peace. Over the next two days, we are going to look a little closer of what God’s peace is like in our hearts. God’s peace is supernatural. Let me enlarge on this by using a testimony from our own lives.

Many years ago, Esther and I were ministering together at a Christian holiday centre on the East coast of England. Before leaving to return home, someone asked if they could pray for us as we travelled home with our two young children. His prayer was unusual, “Lord, put an angel on each wheel and one on the steering wheel”.

Later that morning, we drove down a steep hill with a single lane carriageway. As we approached a bend at the bottom of the hill, we came face to face with a truck on our side of the road. It was impossible to avoid a head-on collision. I was so startled by Esther shouting out “Jesus” that I let go of the steering wheel, and somehow God’s autopilot took over. The car veered off the road and up a steep grassy bank, but did not have enough momentum to reach the top of the bank. It rolled over before landing in an upright position. The truck had passed and the collision was avoided. There was an angel on the steering wheel!

The roof of the car had caved in leaving a three-inch gap where the windscreen had been. My seat had collapsed causing me to lie unhurt across the car. Angela, aged six, banged her head on the roof of the car but apart from that was unhurt. Timothy, nearly two years old, was sitting in his child seat, and coats from the back of the car had fallen on top of him and protected him. He pulled the coats off and said, “Boo!” I asked Esther if she was okay and all she could say was, “I have such peace!”

We had all rolled over in the car, and the car was a write-off, and all that Esther could say was, “I have such peace!” That has to be supernatural! Even when the enemy attacks and everything seems to be going wrong God wants to bring us to that place of trust and peace.


Why do you think that it is important that we have God’s peace in own hearts if we are to be peacemakers?

Make a list of the things that hinder God’s peace ruling in your own heart? Now surrender those things to the Lord and invite His peace into your heart and mind.

In our reading today, God gives us a precious promise of peace [Isaiah 26:3]. What are the conditions stated in that verse for enjoying this peace?