Bible Reading: Psalm 51:1-19, Psalm 119:9-16

One of the big issues of life is the problem of mixed motives of the heart. What may seem to be lovely on the outside is often a cover for something more sinister on the inside. James, writing to Christians, speaks about bitter envy and self-seeking [“selfish ambition” margin NKJV]. He says that where envy and self-seeking exist, confusion and every kind of evil are there [James 3:14,16].

It is not God’s intention that we live a double life, pretending that everything is good outwardly, when that is not the case. It is easy to just keep on doing what we are doing when just beneath the surface all is not well. Hurts, bruises and wounds may have led to deep inner anger and we lay the blame in wrong places. So often, it is the wife or children that bear the brunt of this. We might even do all the “spiritually right things,” and yet blame spiritual warfare, our spiritual leaders or lack of prayer, whilst the reason lies within us. In a word, we are being dishonest!

The pure in heart face up and admit to their shortcomings. Transparency and truthfulness are evidence of their purity. The Bible calls this “walking in the light”. Nathaniel was a man without guile [John 1:47]. The word “guile” means that to have no hidden motives or selfish aims. What you saw with Nathaniel was what you got! When repented of his sin he prayed, “Create in me a clean heart, O God” [Psalm 51:10].

The Bible says about Caleb and Joshua that they “wholly followed the Lord”

[Numbers 32:12]. The word “wholly” is translated as “wholeheartedly” in the New Living Translation. It means to have an undivided heart that is fully consecrated and separated to the Lord.

I was once asked to give a reference for a lady who had worked for seven employers over a 21-year period. She had never stayed at any job for more than three years and in each case, had walked away with a six figure pay-off. She lacked loyalty, and I discovered from two of her employers that they were glad when she left their employment. I did not give her a reference and she got so angry with me! Loyalty, faithfulness and love are the marks of a pure heart. These are attributes of God and to these people God promises the ultimate reward – they shall see Him! He was everything to them on earth, and one day they shall see Him and be more fully like Him.


Why do you think it is possible to work for God but our hearts not be right with God?

What are the main causes of wounds and bruises that make us dishonest in our walk with God and with people?

Will you ask God to create within you a hunger for purity of heart and then be real with Him as He shows you truth about yourself?