Bible Reading:  Luke 2:25-38

The Bible records the names of two people who were patiently waiting for the coming of the promised Saviour. Their names were Simeon and Anna. Both of them immediately recognized who Jesus was and were filled with praise and thanksgiving.

Simeon was very much in touch with the Holy Spirit and was able to hear what He was saying. The Holy Spirit was upon him [verse 25], and had shown him that he would not die before he had seen the Lord [verse 26]. Even going into the temple court that day was at the leading of the Holy Spirit [verse 27] and then by the Spirit he prophesied over Jesus and spoke God’s word to Mary.

Mary and Joseph were amazed at the word spoken over Jesus because it confirmed what had already been said, although Simeon would not have known that. In Simeon’s words was the intimation of the suffering that would come and for Mary it would be like a sword piercing her heart.

With Jesus there would be no neutral ground – people would either joyfully accept Him or totally reject Him. Jim Elliott, missionary martyr to Ecuador, wrote in his journal, “Let me be a signpost at the crossroad of people’s lives, so that when they see me they will have to make a choice.” People would either be for Jesus or against Him, but there could be no neutral ground!

There is so much to consider in the lives of Simeon and Anna that should challenge us. They lived devout and godly lives and were in tune with the Holy Spirit. They were watching and waiting for the Lord to come. Age had not dimmed their vision or desire. What an example for us to equally follow the Lord with all our heart, be in tune with the Holy Spirit and watch for His second coming.


God wants us to walk in the Spirit. How were Simeon and Anna able to be so in tune with the Holy Spirit and what can we learn from them?

Jesus will come back to earth for a second time [see Acts 1:11]. Jesus told us not to be deceived [Matthew 24:4]; not to give up [Matthew 24:13] and not to be surprised [Matthew 24:44]. What can we learn from the example of Simeon and Anna that will help us to watch for the return of Jesus?